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Hell´s Gorge / Try Harder / Sally Ann / Dead End Street / Make It A New Life / Handy Man / I Met Her By The Graveyard / The Greyhound Mule / Born Kicking / Eternity´s Call / Old Joe Clark / Her Heart Is Back Home / Under The Double Eagle / Run For Your Money / Peter Got A Letter / Last Exit


Musicians: Rudi Vogel (banjo, mandolin), Monika Vogel (violin), Bernhard Schmitt (guitar), Sebastian Vogel (bass).
Everyone needs a "Last Exit". For us it is Bluegrass Music. Who ever discovered the fever on stage, the tight silence and the ignition when the spark flies back from the audience, can never again live without exchanging his grey everyday for a few hours in the light. This CD is for everyone who is able to drink from such fountains.

This CD is the first multimedia Bluegrass CD available, containing traditional instrumentals, BlueNa original songs, downloadable text files and interactive html information. It´s your turn to catch up!

We are happy to have Wil Maring as a special guest singer on "Make It A New Life".

Get our unique music/data CD for CD players and computers, have fun and enjoy the music! Available exclusively from BlueNa for EUR 12,00 including shipping whithin Germany (real shipping costs to other countries).
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