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bluena_t1.jpg - 6816 Bytesstands forbluena_t1b.jpg - 5639 Bytestivebluena_t1a.jpg - 6001 Bytesgrass Music. Bluegrass Music originating from Kentucky is marked by the sound of the 5-string banjo, the mandolin and fiddle. It is Folk Music with overdrive combining influences of the (Irish) folk of the settlers with the gospel and blues of the slaves. The typical trio singing and breathtaking speed of the instrumentals is featured bybluena_t1.jpg - 6816 Bytes.

bluena_t1.jpg - 6816 Byteswas founded originally as an (almost) family band by Monika (fiddle) and Rudi Vogel (banjo, mandolin, guitar) in September 1995. Since 2011 the Munich based current band was formed with René Filous (acoustic bass) and Rupert Schmitt (guitar, dobro). The happy holiday approach ofbluena_t1.jpg - 6816 Bytesto the spirit of Bluegrass music invites listeners to dreaming and dancing. The repertoire includes traditional Bluegrass songs and tunes as well as songwriters, blues and classic rock covers which receive a refreshing unexpected face. Together with the jazzy bass the typical bluena_t1.jpg - 6816 Bytes sound evolves, which is most prominent in their own compositions. The spectrum ranges from the pure Bluegrass power of Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs to songs of Tim O´Brien and Alison Krauss to the „Dawg Music“ of David Grisman and repeatedly picks up unforgotten hits of other genres.

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Rudi Vogel: For him banjo and mandolin are body and soul of Bluegrass music, and he will take the guitar for some songs. He sings lead, tenor and sometimes (yes!) bass when necessary.

Monika Vogel: She loves violins forever and lives exactly where Classic meets Bluegrass.

René Filous: Rock bottom bass player providing much more than rhythm floors.

Rupert Schmitt: Hard driving guitar in rythm and solo.

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